Friendship is Another Reason to Work

I received this perceptive comment from a reader regarding yesterday’s post about fulfilling work: “I would add something to what accounts for meaningful work. I think part of it is having a supportive workplace culture and environment, and people who you enjoy being around for 8 hours of the day. My 2 cents!”

What a great contribution to the discussion that 2 cents is. The point about working with people you like is an important one that I didn’t mention. Relationships are one of the ways that Viktor Frankl says we find meaning and we can find relationships at work. This is another benefit of work and one of the most important ones. Thanks to the reader for calling my attention to it. And it also applies to leisure. Hiking or golfing may be fun, but not if we are doing these things with people we don’t like. I recently wrote about what a terrible experience I had golfing with a drunk. On the other hand, I had a job at a paint factory for a few months while working my way through college about 40 years ago. A truly terrible job. Dangerous, low paying, and dirty beyond description. I am amazed I can think at all given all the solvents I inhaled. But I endured it for a while because I talked philosophy with a colleague whom I really liked. Even terrible work can be somewhat redeemed by friendship.

So again thanks to the reader for pointing out my omission. Friendship is one of the greatest potential benefits of work.

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