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The Words and Music of Dan Fogelberg (1951 – 2007)

Peoria Riverfront Park Dan Fogelberg Memorial Site

“To every man the mystery
Sings a different song
He fills his page of history
Dreams his dreams and is gone.”

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about an especially moving song about death by the American musician Dan Fogelberg whose lyrical rhymes often touch on existential themes. I have listened to his entire musical opus and virtually every song he wrote says something profound about life. He is also a master of surprising phrases such as in “sweetest sorrow,” “thundering, velvet hand,” or evocative poetry like “Burning lines in the book of our lives.”

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Summary of Darwinism on Human Nature

Three quarter length portrait of Darwin aged about 30, with straight brown hair receding from his high forehead and long side-whiskers, smiling quietly, in wide lapelled jacket, waistcoat and high collar with cravat.

Darwinian Theories of Human Nature

(This is my summary of a section of a book I often used in university classes: Thirteen Theories of Human Nature,  Oxford Univ. Press. There is also an outline of the material at the end of the post. And if for some reason you doubt that evolution is true beyond see
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