Daily Archives: April 15, 2015

Do Politicians Have Grandchildren?

I am a grandfather. But when I think of the world into which small children enter, it fills my heart with pain. But I’m also perplexed. Don’t politicians and financiers and industrial tycoons have grandchildren? And if they do, how can they not care about perpetual war and massive incarceration and torture and environmental degradation and climate change? How can they not care about poisoning the water and the earth and the air? How can they have such disregard for the precarious state of the climate and the atmosphere, that miniscule bit of blue that separates us from the unimaginably cold and darkness of space?

Yes, I know that politicians better their chances of being elected by supporting torture and war and prisons. America is a land of toxic masculinity. And I understand that oil and gas and factory farming profit from polluting the environment and expediting disastrous climate change. But don’t any of these people have grandchildren? And if the do, why don’t they care about them?