I am not Dead … Yet

No dear reader, I am still here. But my wife is very ill and I have had less time to write. However, I will be back, hopefully, as soon as things improve. I must say that, as we age—my wife and I are now both in our 60s—one does begin to see that entropy will eventually win. I still think this a great tragedy, but as long as we are mostly powerless to stop it, we might as well accept it.

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9 thoughts on “I am not Dead … Yet

  1. I miss your posts very much, professor, and look forward to hearing from you again sometime soon. Until then, however, take care, as you need, and do what you must for your wife and yourself. We can wait, and will.

  2. Hi Jim

    Thanks for the very nice note. It means a lot to me. And I am gearing up for a new run soon. I should start posting occasionally soon, and I’m shooting for no later than October 1 to really get going again. Thanks again.


  3. John:
    I’ve discovered your postings and writings yea oh these many years after our heady, loving discussions in the wake of Dr. Blackwell’s wisdom seminars and dinners at my place or yours. Since I cannot find a private email address for you, old friend, I’m posting to say how much I appreciate your making so many of your thoughts publicly accessible. Now, THAT is what I call being a “professional” philosopher for our time. (Thank, you, Dr. Punzo – see – some of us actually made it!) I read the ALS “victim’s” piece in the nick of time as I have been wondering “why me?” as I suffer the closing in of the horizon to age 60 and all of its assaults on my vanity. A very good thing indeed that those of us afflicted with the eros of philosophy have pondered death all along. Perhaps the mourning of our own passing will be easier on us?! How honest was that grief counselor? Very, very helpful, indeed. Thanks for sharing it among your musings.

    If you dare to risk it, please send me the best private contact info, John. I am praying for Jane’s recovery and of course, concerned for you all. All Best, Always, Diane

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