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 Naturalism and Objective Meaning in Life

William Durant and Ariel Durant (1930)Will Durant and Ariel Durant (1930)

Most of us have known some golden days in the June of life when philosophy was in fact what Plato calls it, “that dear delight;” when the love of a modestly elusive truth seemed more glorious – incomparably – than the lust for the ways of the flesh and the dross of the world. And there is always some wistful remnant in us of that early wooing of wisdom. Continue reading  Naturalism and Objective Meaning in Life

What is Love?

I have discussed love in: “On Love and Pain”“Human Relationships on a Sliding Scale”“There Is No Afterlife”; “Romantic Love and the Idea of Settlling”; “W.H. Auden: We Must Love One Another or Die”; “Is Love Stronger Than Death?”; and “The Art of Loving”. Still we might benefit by carefully defining love. We need to answer the question, what is love? Continue reading What is Love?