What If Everyone Had Guns?

I have to chuckle at President Trump and the Republicans claim that tougher gun laws won’t stop mass shootings. That’s weird, they do so in every other country in the world with tough gun laws. In Japan, England and many other countries almost no one dies of gun violence because … THEY DON’T HAVE GUNS! In the last 50 years, more Americans have died of gun violence in the US than were killed in all the wars America ever fought!

And the idea that more guns is the solution is self-evidently absurd. Let’s follow that argument to its logical conclusion. Ok, everyone should own a gun. No, not good enough, you must carry it with you. Ok, everyone should always carry a loaded gun. No, not good enough, you might be shot before you pull it out of your holster. Ok, everyone should always carry a loaded gun pointed at others ready to fire. No, not good enough, the bad guy might have an assault rifle. Ok, everyone should always carry an assault rifles pointed at others ready to fire. Heck, why not make it illegal to go outside without an assault rifle? Then every person you in the grocery store, church, casino or bar, will be pointing their rifles at you and you at them.

Now think about it. Do you feel safer in such a country? Or would you feel safer in England where there are about 50 gun killings annually? Or in Japan where in 2014 there were just six gun deaths!

In 2014 there were 33,599 gun deaths in the US.

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3 thoughts on “What If Everyone Had Guns?

  1. There is absolutely no rational argument in favor of retaining our current policy regarding guns. It’s absolutely crazy. However, nothing will ever be done because American males equate guns with manhood. They regard gun control as emasculating.

    What’s especially sad about this is that American men have such a stupid perception of their masculinity.

  2. This is so self-evident by nothing will change you are right. But I had to chuckle at Trump’s line “not having guns wouldn’t have stopped this guy.” Pretty hard to kill 25 people with your bare fists.

  3. But wont people just obtain guns illegally if you make them illegal? It’s not legal to own bombs not classified as fireworks without a licence but people still use them for attacks too. And you have to have a license to conceal carry or you can and will be arrested. And all of this is ignoring the fact that people will make their own guns if they can’t obtain them legally or illegally.

    Just to clarify I don’t advocate hate or mass shooting, I just think that it isn’t the gun’s fault that they are used to kill people; it’s the people using them committing the crime.

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