Good Books on Evolution and Ethics

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This is a list of some good on ethics that emphasize or touch on evolution. For more information click on one of the links below. (**Books that had a special influence on me.)

• Robert Axelrod ~ The Evolution of Cooperation: Revised Edition **
• Sam Harris ~ The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values
• John Messerly ~ Philosophical Ethics: Theory and Practice **
• James Rachels ~ Created from Animals: The Moral Implications of Darwinism **
• Michael Shermer ~ The Science of Good and Evil: Why People Cheat, Gossip, Care, Share and Follow the Golden Rule **
• Robert Wright ~ The Moral Animal: Why We Are, the Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology **
• Paul Lawrence Farber ~ The Temptations of Evolutionary Ethics
• Massimo Pigliucci ~ Evolution, the Extended Synthesis 

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