Why is Capital Hill Gun Free?

If Congress really believes more guns will make us safer then I propose that all our representatives be armed on the House and Senate floor and that they remove all the metal detectors in those buildings. Of course, they would reject this idea because this would make them less safe. Thus revealing their hypocrisy.

(Yes, some people have real security problems whose solution may involve guns. For example, four Presidents of the United States, about 1 in 10, have been assassinated, others have been the target of assassinations, and all receive numerous threats. US Presidents and congressional representatives have special security risks. But most of us aren’t the kinds of people for whom being shot is likely.)

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3 thoughts on “Why is Capital Hill Gun Free?

  1. Actually Capital Hill is heavily armed. You just don’t see the layers of security. Try walking in there as a visible threat and you will see the response. We should afford our children the same protection.

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