5 thoughts on “The Best of the Parody Project

  1. I used to enjoyed political satire because I thought it was useful for changing minds incrementally by pointing out flawed reasoning … shaming people into conformity through mockery. Watching The Colbert Report was the high water mark for this sentiment.

    But imagine my surprise when instead, everyone retreated into ideological armed camps, and the already failing art of compromise disintegrated over the second Obama term.

    Now, satire has devolved into a middle finger disguised behind a grin. An impotent catharsis.

  2. I too have wondered about the value of satire in our times. As you say, catharsis for believers, but another reason for hatred from non-believers.

  3. Love Parody Project. Pity they haven’t an offshoot in Australia. There’s plenty of ammunition in our political system, as there is in the UK with the shambolic Brexit process.

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