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What’s the Point of it All?

My last post featured a video of a philosopher’s reflections on the meaning of life as he neared death. The post elicited this response from a reader, Austin Stiller, which I reprint here in full.

It’s foolish to think that there’s an answer out there in the world to this question, [what’s the point of it all?] that there’s a transcendental answer … Those answers seem like self-delusion to my mind. The universe doesn’t care about life, about anything. We do and we’re indebted to each other. Continue reading What’s the Point of it All?

An aging philosopher returns to the essential question: ‘What is the point of it all?’

An aging philosopher returns to the essential question: ‘What is the point of it all?

The video above records the last reflections on life and death by the philosopher Herbert Fingarette (1921-2018) who had a long career at the UC-Santa Barbara. As a reader put it:

… there is an immediacy here that cuts to the bone … the impact can be overwhelming: we internalize it as a transcendent phenomenon–as if it were happening to us …

Morality and Facts

Jean Piaget in Ann Arbor.png

Jean Piaget studied many things, including moral reasoning in children.

© Darrell Arnold Ph.D.– (Reprinted with Permission)

In a standard introduction to ethical reasoning, the focus is on the varying value frameworks of different normative theories. Continue reading Morality and Facts

The Best Countries To Live In

World map of the United Nations’ inequality-adjusted Human Development Index
(The best countries are in dark green)

The question “what countries are objectively the best ones to live in?” is relatively easy to answer. Most would agree that such countries, among other things, guard their citizen’s personal safety and allow free expression, provide quality health care, economic prosperity, clean air and water, a good educational and a fair justice system, have minimal government corruption, respect the rule of law, etc.

The question “which country is best for me to live in?” is more difficult to answer. Continue reading The Best Countries To Live In