A Philosopher’s Lifelong Search for Meaning – Table of Contents


Preface: The Origins of My Search for Meaning

Introduction: The Problem of Life 

Part 1 – Life and Meaning

  1. Meaning of Life Versus Meaning in Life 
  2. What Do We Mean by Meaning?
  3. Should We Ask About Meaning?

Part 2 – Religion and Meaning

  1. Western Religions: Are They True?
  2. Western Religions: Are They Good?
  3. Western Religions: Do They Reveal Meaning?
  4. Eastern Religions and Meaning in Life

Part 3 – Philosophy, Science, and Meaning

     8. Western Philosophy and Meaning in Life
     9. Science and Meaning in Life
    10. Is Meaning in Life Enough? 

Part 4 – Death and Meaning 

  1. Is There A Heaven?
  2. Death is Bad
  3. Individual Death and Meaning
  4. Cosmic Death and Meaning
  5. Scientific Immortality: Individual and Cosmic

Part 5 – Transhumanism and Meaning  

  1. A Fully Meaningful Cosmos
  2. Transhumanism and Fully Meaningful Cosmos
  3. Transhumanism and Religion
  4. Cosmic Evolution and the Meaning of Life
  5. The Meaning of Life

Part 6 – Skepticism and Meaning

     21. Skepticism and Meaning
     22. Back to Nihilism

Part 7 – Optimism and Hope

     23. Attitudinal Optimism
     24. Attitudinal Hope
     25. Wishful Hope

Part 8 – Hope and Meaning

     26. What I Hope For
     27. The Source of Hope
     28. Ignorance as a Justification of Hope
     29.Hope and Meaning
     30. Losing Hope
     31. What Hope Recommends
     32. Is Hope Enough?

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  1. I am unable adequately articulate my gratitude for you sharing these insights. My psyche thanks you.

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