Sleep and Depression in Older Persons

Van Gogh - Trauernder alter Mann.jpegVincent van Gogh’s 1890 painting Sorrowing old man (‘At Eternity’s Gate’)

Depression is a serious problem. While its causes are complicated and variable, sleep deprivation is commonly connected with depression. In fact, Harvard Medical School says that sleep deprivation can seriously affect all aspects of mental health. And lack of sleep obviously has serious consequences for your physical health too.

The connection between sleep deprivation and depression is especially prevalent among older persons. I found a detailed discussion of the connection in this guide. It begins “Depression is exacerbated by sleeplessness and vice versa. Left untreated these issues can worsen and cause further health concerns. Major depressive disorder is not a normal part of aging.”

The guide focuses primarily on depression in older persons but contains and it goes into some detail on the following topics:

1) Effects of depression and poor sleep
2) Organizations for mental health
3) Care needs for sleep issues and depression
4)Supporting a loved one with depression
5) Finding the right care provider
6) Sleep issues and depression FAQs

If you’re worried about this issue, either for yourself or someone you love, I hope this helps.


Disclaimer – I’m am not associated with Family Assets Group that published the above guide nor do I know enough to either recommend or not recommend them.

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