I’ve written over a thousand posts in the 61/2 years since I started my blog, so an average of about 3 a week. With the nice weather outside I thought I’d take a little time off to just walk around the city, read many things that I’ve put on hold, spend more time with my grandchildren, etc. I won’t be going anywhere as our kids still need babysitters, so the above is not a picture of the vacation I’m going to take! My vacation just means that for the next month or so I’ll reprint some of my older posts that might have been forgotten rather than writing new ones. This will give me a break from working on the blog for the first time since I started it. However, I’ll still be checking my blog daily, posting comments, replying to emails, etc.

In addition, as Oxford University Press has agreed to commission an original essay from me on the meaning of life to be published in the new 7th edition of Lewis Vaughn’s anthology, The Moral Life, this will allow me to think more about that project. The book now includes a chapter on the meaning of life consisting of a short intro by Vaughn plus a selection of readings by Viktor Frankl, Albert Camus, Bertrand Russell, Voltaire, Epicurus, Siddhartha Gautama, and Richard Taylor and now me. ( As you are probably aware, collectively these guys are known as the big 8 of philosophy. Yes, this is a joke but I think its very funny:) I’d like to write something that my children and grandchildren will be proud of.

So I hope you enjoy some of my previous essays that you may have missed. I’m just going to keep up with all the world’s bad news, watch some educational stuff on the TV, read philosophy as always, enjoy my wife’s and grandkids company, and take long walks in the sunshine. My guess is that I’ll tire of this soon and be right back to writing new essays. On the other hand, maybe not.

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8 thoughts on “Vacation?

  1. Enjoy your vacation. And I laughed at your joke – a little! (More seriously, I look forward to seeing your essay on the meaning of life – I wonder what the other 7 out of the big philo 8 would have to say about it?)

  2. Hi John, your recent post is a perfect description of my life at the moment! I would like to think that if we have learned 1 thing from recent events is to appreciate the simple things in life.
    Kind regards.

  3. Congratulations, Jon! You certainly deserve a bit of a break. I’m looking forward to the new essay.

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