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The Era of Stupidity

© Darrell Arnold Ph.D.– (Reprinted with Permission)

In President Obama’s recent online commencement speech, he criticized President Trump. Hearing this, I wondered immediately what false and hostile tweets Trump would send in retaliation. Continue reading The Era of Stupidity

Some People Know More Than I Do

“I know how unfashionable it is now to acknowledge in life or history any genius loftier than ourselves. Our democratic dogma has leveled not only all voters but all leaders; we delight to show that living geniuses are only mediocrities, and that dead ones are myths. … Since it is contrary to good manners to exalt ourselves, we achieve the same result by slyly indicating how inferior are the great men of the earth.” ~ Will Durant (The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time) Continue reading Some People Know More Than I Do