Most Popular Post of 2020

An artist’s depiction of the interconnections between blogs in the “blogosphere.”

Here are the ten most popular posts on my blog from this past year.

10. With 12,000+ views,

Summary the Ring of Gyges in Plato’s Republic

9. With 16,000+ views,

Hope and Pandora’s Box

8. With 17,000+ views,

Summary of Judith Jarvis Thomson’s, “A Defense of Abortion”

7. With 18,000+ views,

The Best Countries To Live In

6.  With 18,000+ views,

The Value of Philosophy

5. With 21,000+ views, (This is also my 3rd most viewed post all-time with 135,000+ views)

Summary of Aristotle’s Theory of Human Nature

4. With 25,000+ views, (This is also my 2nd most viewed post all-time with 155,000+ views)

Summary of Plato’s Theory of Human Nature

3. With 26,000+ views,

Socrates: “I know that I know nothing”

2. With 26,000+ views,

Summary of Bill Joy’s, “Why the future doesn’t need us,”

1. With 42,000+ views, (This is also my most viewed post all-time with 165,000+ views)

Aristotle on the Good Life

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4 thoughts on “Most Popular Post of 2020

  1. The Bill Joy piece is the most crucial: the future in fact does not need us, not as we are. What are we going to do? Be as humble as, say, the Amish? Wait for Christ or Marx to save us?
    Sad to say goodbye to humanity as we know it; we can see how cold people are becoming—yet the killer ape in us is destroying its own substrate.

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