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Should You Move Out of the USA if Possible?

The good advice (original title: Le bon conseil), by Jean-Baptiste Madou.

There are many considerations here: one’s age, occupation, income, family status, foreign language abilities, potential destination, etc. Clearly moving to Central Africa would be unwise but what about moving to a country notably better than the US in terms of happiness? Continue reading Should You Move Out of the USA if Possible?

Writing About Timeless Themes

“Hegel and Napoleon in Jena” (illustration from Harper’s Magazine, 1895)

Lately, I have felt conflicted as I start to write a post. Should I write about timeless topics like the meaning of life and death, cosmic evolution, truth, beauty, goodness, justice, love, etc. or should I pen a short essay about current events, especially political ones? Continue reading Writing About Timeless Themes