Monthly Archives: May 2021

Kazantzakis: “The Saviors of God”

(It is unusual for me to read a book like this, but I wanted to understand the origins of Kazantzakis’ rejection of hope. What I found therein was some of the most poetic imagery I have ever encountered. I discovered a heart longing for truth and meaning and a voice that spoke to me from beyond the grave.) Continue reading Kazantzakis: “The Saviors of God”

It’s Interesting but Is It Art? 

by Sylvia Jane Wojcik

Manifestations of imagination and creativity we commonly call “art” are all around us—not just as the drawings, paintings, and sculptures we associate with museums but also as performance (of plays, music, and movies) and composition (of poetry, music, stories, and novels).  Continue reading It’s Interesting but Is It Art?