6 thoughts on “A make-or-break moment for our democracy

  1. I am not optimistic about our chances. Mr. Manchin is adamant that he will never agree to much of Mr. Biden’s program. I suspect that he will single-handedly stop the entire program. I wish that Democrats would offer him a billion-dollar bribe of goodies for West Virginia to get his vote.

    No matter what happens, Democrats should dump this Republican in disguise as soon as they can.

  2. Manchin hears ‘Hail To The Chief’ playing in his little mind. He naturally wants to be president someday—but he will not. He’s not even good enough to be Vice President.

  3. How are we conditioned to come to our conclusions? and are they, as we like to think, our own conclusions or are we, in fact, all subject to ‘group think’? That is a serious question, two groups read the same information yet reach diametrically opposed conclusions, is one side ‘Smart’ and the other ‘Stupid’ I don’t think that that is the explanation but I don’t, as yet, have a theory to explain it!
    Do different opinions form while processing the same information? And why do societies form into two groups each prepared to do battle that the other should adopt ‘their’ interpretation of the facts!
    I’m not on either side with this post, I think it is a question that should be considered Philosophically!

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