Wellsprings of Work by Samuel Halpern

I recently became aware of a new book, Wellsprings of Work: Surprising Sources of Meaning and Motivation in Work. The book was written by Samuel Halpern, whose nearly 50-year career in investing and lawyering brings a unique perspective to finding meaning and motivation in work.

Halpern’s discussion of work touches on philosophical themes like transcendence and eternality as well as relating work to Buddhist and Hindu perspectives. He argues, among other things, that many forms of work proceed from our human awareness of mortality. For instance, in his concluding chapter, he states,

Writing a poem, building a pyramid, joining a cause, supporting your family, rooting for your team, fighting for your nation, praying for an afterlife, serving others—in all cases, consciously or not, we seek something beyond our transient, limited selves, something more universal and enduring.

I’ve always been interested in the topic of meaningful work and have written a lot about the topic. This is one of the most philosophical discussions of work, and from a successful business person, that I’ve ever found. It comes highly recommended.

To buy the book click on the book cover image above or for more information about the book go to: http://www.wellspringsofwork.com

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