Monthly Archives: October 2023

Summary of Seneca’s “Peace of Mind”

What follows is a very brief summary of Seneca’s letter titled “Piece of Mind.” The letter’s purpose was to provide guidance on how to achieve serenity—the ideal state of the Stoic sage. The letter’s recipient was his good friend Serenus, who had asked how he might better control his vices in order to experience greater tranquility. Continue reading Summary of Seneca’s “Peace of Mind”

Dennett’s “I’ve Been Thinking”

A reader has alerted me to the new memoir of Daniel Dennett, one of the world’s most prominent living philosophers. I have read quite a bit of Dennett over the years and have written about a few of his ideas. But a disclaimer. I have only read brief excerpts of the memoir so far as I await a library copy. Nonetheless, the prologue resonated deeply with me. Continue reading Dennett’s “I’ve Been Thinking”