Blogging For Ten Years Old

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I published my first post on this blog exactly ten years ago today. Since then I’ve published 1341 posts. However, I have reposted some old ones and had guest authors too so the number above exaggerates my productivity.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed recording my thoughts, mostly in the hope that someone out there in the world finds them enjoyable and perhaps enlightening too. I’ve also been lucky to have communicated with many new people because of the blog. How many of them I wish I knew in person. But at least I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with them.

It is easy enough to quickly wonder about the meaning of it all, the most common theme explored on the blog, as I think back on ten years of writing. But then in life, the best we can do is what’s in front of us, the things that we should do if we are fortunate enough to be able to do them—shopping for groceries, talking with friends, taking walks, caring for our children, etc. How deeply it hurts that so many don’t have the opportunity to live good human lives because of pain, poverty, loneliness, incarceration, etc.

So I’d like to thank my readers, particularly all those who send thoughtful comments. Although I don’t have time to respond to each one, I do read them all.

It’s weird to think I was 58 and still teaching when I started writing the blog and I’m now 68 and no longer in the classroom. But then time marches on. I so hope that humanity is evolving in a progressive direction and that the future will be better than the past. In the meantime, I’ll just keep jotting things down.

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10 thoughts on “Blogging For Ten Years Old

  1. Hi, Dr:
    Over time and simple deduction, I pegged your age pretty well, concluding you were between 65 and 70. Keep up the good work. Should you have the time, and if you don’t read him already, check out Eric S.’ Splintered Mind offerings. I read him for a number of reasons, including his musings on AI and Large Language Models. I think these developments, and insinuations over what can or may be deemed ‘conscious’ are pivotal to a continuing understanding of the human mind. My views are still mostly twentieth century. However, if clear and convincing evidence changes my mind…

  2. I used to tell my students that if there is a future for conscious beings on this planet–a big if–then one thing we can say for sure is that the future will be unlike the past.

  3. I wish I could convey how much your website has meant to me. The sheer number and breadth of the menu is a treasure for those of us trying to participate in the world of ideas. I enjoy your thoughts, perspectives and insights,—but also the same from those readers who choose to comment. My life is the better for this.

    Since my retirement I have decided to take advantage of the extra time to expand my knowledge and understanding of, well, everything. This website puts much of what I think about at my fingertips. (or mouse)
    But it also is in such a manner that I feel that Prof. Messerly and his wife, plus many of the commentors, would be wonderful people to share dinner with. Just for the pleasure of their company.

    I don’t know if this can continue for another 10 years, (2.58 posts/week) but what is already here is a gift to ‘the community of Man’.

  4. Congratulations on this 10-year milestone! I’m grateful you started this journey and met me virtually along the way. Hopefully we can meet in person during the next 10 years. Keep it up!

  5. Lyle

    thanks for your kind words. I’m humbled by them. And it gives me such joy to know that someone out there finds them useful.

    best, John

  6. Dear John,
    You have helped quite a bit.
    I always felt i was alone when I read philosophy and psychology. As a layman I always want learn and share my thoughts. You have helped me to do this.
    Live long and prosper! Or just be grateful for a life.
    Merry Christmas

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