Best Foods To Help Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Infant stacking cans
I’ve read extensively about the relationship between diet and ASD. (I have a grandchild with mild autism.) The bottom line is that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is beneficial for autistic children (as it is for all of us). The most important foods are cruciferous vegetables with sulforaphane (broccoli, cabbage, collard green, kale, and cauliflower) with broccoli sprouts probably the single best food for children with autism. Here is a brief video that summarizes the research.

Another key idea I’ve found is that the evidence strongly suggests that kids on with ASD who have fevers improve. This means that autistic brains aren’t damaged irreversibly. And cruciferous vegetables with sulforaphane (broccoli, cabbage, collard green, kale, and cauliflower) produce this fever effect in the brain. Cruciferous vegetables also reduce brain stress and brain inflammation in autistic individuals (and others too.)

Here are a few other things I’ve found the evidence supports:

1. Kids with autism have less healthy gut microbiomes than other children. (But did the bad gut microbiome lead to autism or is it an effect of the fact that autistic children generally eat less fruits and vegetables than other children? We don’t know.)

2. Gluten-free and Casein-Free Diets for ASD help alleviate symptoms. Cow’s milk is particularly bad for children with ASD.

3. ASD is on the rise, at least in the last few decades. (We don’t know the rates from many years ago.) Exactly how much ASD has increased is unclear.

4. Pesticides, and air and water pollution seem to play a role in the increasing rates of ASD.

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2 thoughts on “Best Foods To Help Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

  1. Not for Publication
    April 28th

    Dear Dr. John,

    You once said;
    “Today we have many cults from which to choose. But I reject them all. Instead, I will keep my candle, my little light of reason, even though I am lost in time. No longer in the Dark Ages, I will not be guided by the blind. I will instead be guided by science, reason, and evidence.”

    And I replied;
    A Man, a traveler, on a mission, seeking the answers, he feels, that science, reason, and evidence should reveal, is a man embarked on a noble cause.

    Will he complete his mission and unravel the Mystery he seeks to unveil? Perhaps, or perhaps it doesn’t matter, it is having a worthy goal that gives life meaning and purpose!

    More on that subject later, I’ve mentioned several times that I feel Mankind’s collective journey across the Ocean of time will mimic the life of individual men in that we are born into infancy, mature and ‘eventually’ we meet challenges we can’t overcome and leave the World.

    By my observation the civilization we have been born into, is destroying us both mentally and physically. These two links are just two small windows into the evolutionary path modern life is leading us down.

    Humans are evolutionary creatures, both Mentally and Physically we are constantly changing, we were born with strong bodies, and natural selection kept our race strong, we have overcome natural selection and now are experiencing, a ‘collective’, negative physical evolution, this is effecting and will cause greater genetic changes in future generations. Physical changes effect Mental changes. Perhaps, as a Society we are in our dotage?

    We live a narrative, we begin to learn our personal narrative as soon as we are born, very quickly we learn our names and how old we are, by the age of five we know everyone in our home and how we relate to each other, everything we know and do is in the Narrative from being married to being a Professor at the University.

    You mentioned that your Grand Son has been diagnosed with mild Autism, what that really means in practical terms I don’t know. Some say that the rate of autism is one in twenty-five, some say one in eighty-eight, One researcher said the only people who ‘recover’ were miss-diagnosed in the first place an unlikely event if the person who made the initial diagnose is in charge of the ‘treatment’! But what of the little man himself, does he now know that there is something ‘wrong’ with him and there are people hired to help Him change into something his helpers approve of?

    I recognize that you are the Grand Parents and that his parents are in charge, however should he live close enough to you that he can spend some time with you both I hope that you will be friends with him, not talk down to him but also not be cloying, meet him on the level and perhaps in time he will be able to talk to you, and tell you what he feels and sees, if he does you will have to respect his confidences as good friends should.
    Everyone is different, a difference that is recognizable in one of twenty-five, or even one in Eighty-eight is a very common difference in a world where no two people are the same.

    Researchers don’t know the Cause of Autism, but they are emphatic that it isn’t Vaccines!I have no opinion on this!

  2. either my wife or I see our grandson every day. And vaccines DO NOT cause autism.

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