Three Supreme Court decisions with long-term consequences

Scrapping abortion rights got the headlines. But don’t ignore the Court’s assault on gun regulations and the separation of church and state. A great short essay by the conservative David Frum (George W. Bush’s speechwriter) in the Atlantic is “Roe is the New Prohibition.” For a great analysis of recent Supreme Court rulings on abortion, … Continue reading Three Supreme Court decisions with long-term consequences

On Tyranny – Timothy Snyder

© Darrell Arnold– (Reprinted with Permission) In bite-sized chunks of two to eight (short) pages Timothy Snyder, the Levin Professor of History at Yale University, offers a practical guide to understanding and possibly averting tyranny. [In his new book, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century.]

Religious Fanaticism: Abortion

The Fanatics of Tangier by Eugène Delacroix I taught ethics classes in a university setting for over 30 years and I’m well versed in the philosophical literature surrounding abortion. And, as I have stated previously, the pro-life position finds virtually no support in this literature. But rather than penning another academic essay on the topic, I want … Continue reading Religious Fanaticism: Abortion