Religious Fanaticism: Abortion

The Fanatics of Tangier by Eugène Delacroix I taught ethics classes in a university setting for over 30 years and I’m well versed in the philosophical literature surrounding abortion. And, as I have stated previously, the pro-life position finds virtually no support in this literature. But rather than penning another academic essay on the topic, I want … Continue reading Religious Fanaticism: Abortion

The Forthcoming Abortion Decision

(This essay was reprinted in Critical Perspectives on Abortion (Analyzing the Issues), Anne C. Cunningham, ed., Enslow Publishing 2017, and first appeared on this blog some years ago.) Abortion continues to make political news, but a question rarely asked by politicians or other interlocutors is: what do professional ethicists think about abortion? If ethicists have reached a consensus about the morality … Continue reading The Forthcoming Abortion Decision