Lars Tornstam on Gerotranscendence

 Lars Tornstam (1943 – 2016) My post, Summary of Maslow on Self-Transcendence, elicited many thoughtful comments. One reader, Dr. Janet Hively, suggested that self-transcendence is connected with aging, writing, “people gain experience and wisdom as they grow older, reaching the age for generativity toward the end of life.” She also suggested that I look into the theory … Continue reading Lars Tornstam on Gerotranscendence

Will The Wealthy Leave Us All Behind?

Robots revolt in R.U.R., a 1920 play. Professor and media theorist Douglas Rushkoff penned an article that went viral a few years ago, “Survival of the Richest.” It outlines how the super-wealthy are preparing for doomsday. Here is a recap followed by a brief commentary. Rushkoff was invited to deliver a speech for an unusually large fee, … Continue reading Will The Wealthy Leave Us All Behind?