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Transcendence Without The Bull

by Lawrence Rifkin MD

A rush of powerful, transforming emotion. A bolt of altered perspective. A love that overwhelms. An unmediated encounter with pure beauty. A profound realization of significance—or insignificance. When a humanist has a “wow” experience, by what name should we call it? Transcendence? Continue reading Transcendence Without The Bull

Summary of Uscinski’s, “On Conspiracy Theories: A Primer”

© Darrell Arnold Ph.D.– (Reprinted with Permission)

Joseph Uscinski’s Conspiracy Theories: A Primer (Roman & Littlefield, 2019) is a helpful primer, providing, as Uscinski notes in the preface, not a complete picture of conspiracy theories, but a “complete enough picture.” Continue reading Summary of Uscinski’s, “On Conspiracy Theories: A Primer”

The Survival of Humanity

by Lawrence Rifkin MD

An existential catastrophe would obliterate or severely limit the existence of all future humanity. As defined by Nick Bostrom at Oxford University, an existential catastrophe is one which extinguishes Earth-originating intelligent life or permanently destroys a substantial part of its potential. Continue reading The Survival of Humanity