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Can Stoicism Help Us Live Well? Forthcoming

Bust of Seneca

I have written about Stoicism previously but lately, I’ve been researching it extensively. The goal of my research is to distill the essence of Stoic wisdom as it pertains to helping people live well—primarily by achieving inner peace and equanimity. Then I’ll share these insights in easy to understand language. In other words, I will write a short essay that someone can read and say, “I understand Stoic wisdom and I see how it will help me to experience more peace of mind and happiness.” Continue reading Can Stoicism Help Us Live Well? Forthcoming

The Future of Being Human

The Institute of Art and Ideas runs an online ideas platform IAI.TV that’s been described as ‘Europe’s answer to TED.’ They have recently published a new academy course, “The Future of Being Human,” taught by Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute Fellow Anders Sandberg. The course is free to join. Continue reading The Future of Being Human