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The Future of Being Human

The Institute of Art and Ideas runs an online ideas platform IAI.TV that’s been described as ‘Europe’s answer to TED.’ They have recently published a new academy course, “The Future of Being Human,” taught by Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute Fellow Anders Sandberg. The course is free to join. Continue reading The Future of Being Human

Another Way To Help

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?, Paul Gauguin

Another way to help the website is by sharing posts you like to:
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Sharing to Reddit’s philosophy sub-reddit is a particularly good way to drive traffic to the site but unfortunately they don’t allow me to share links to my own site. And you can link any post, including old ones.Thanks to all my readers in advance if you can help. Continue reading Another Way To Help

Support Dr John Messerly on Patreon

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Beginning today I will be giving readers the option to support my work on Patreon.

Why Am I Doing This?

The fact is that my wife and I now live exclusively on our social security income in a high cost city and hosting and maintaining the site costs money. Also, researching, writing, editing, monitoring comments, replying to emails, etc. has become increasingly taxing as readership has grown and it would be nice to at least break even. (This month I will again exceed 100,000 page views and I receive hundreds of comments a month including many nasty ones!) So if you value my work and are able to support it, I encourage you to do so. Together we can help future generations survive, flourish, and find meaning in life.

How Can I Help?

You can show appreciation for my work by becoming a regular patron and supporting me at Patreon. Just a few dollars a month will help me to continue to produce quality material. In return patrons will receive a number of perks including: access to patron-only posts; having their comments automatically posted; being able to email directly with me with questions, and, at the premier patron level, free, signed copies of my 3 most recent books after six months of patronage. Thanks for your consideration.