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The Religion of the Engineers; and Hayek Its True Prophet

This essay appeared on the blog “Crooked Timber,” November 13, 2023
by Henry Farrell (Reprinted with Permission)

Marc Andreessen’s recent “tech optimist manifesto” is one of the most significant statements of Silicon Valley ideology. As I’ve written elsewhere, it’s actually less a political manifesto than an apostolic credo for the Religion of Progress. The words “we believe” appear no less than 113 times in the text, not counting synonyms. Continue reading The Religion of the Engineers; and Hayek Its True Prophet

Yuval Harari Issues Warning at Davos 2020

Davos, Switzerland

At the January World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (Davos 2020), Yuval Harari, the historian, philosopher, and best-selling author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, and Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrowissued a dire warning about the future. Continue reading Yuval Harari Issues Warning at Davos 2020

Survival of the Richest

Robots revolt in R.U.R., a 1920 play.

Professor and media theorist Douglas Rushkoff recently penned an article that went viral,
“Survival of the Richest.” It outlines how the super-wealthy are preparing for doomsday. Here is a recap followed by a brief commentary.

Rushkoff was recently invited to deliver a speech for an unusually large fee, about half his academic salary, on “the future of technology.” He expected a large audience but, upon arrival, he was ushered into a small room with a table surrounded by five wealthy men. But they weren’t interested in the future of technological innovation. Continue reading Survival of the Richest

What Are Slaughterbots?

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While lethal, fully autonomous weapons systems, or killer robots, aren’t yet able to select and attack targets without human control, a number of countries are developing such devices. And a number of organizations including The Future of Life InstituteHuman Rights Watch, and the International Committee for Robot Arms Control, have all warned against their development. Continue reading What Are Slaughterbots?