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More Comments on Meaning

“Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” by Paul Gauguin

My recent post, Why Does the World Exist? elicited some extraordinarily thoughtful comments from readers. I published those comments in my last post and this has elicited more insightful comments from readers which I reprint below. Continue reading More Comments on Meaning

Finding Meaning of Life in Prison (Convict 79206)

In 1930 the historian and philosopher Will Durant—who was at that time a famous public intellectual—received a number of letters from persons declaring their intent to commit suicide. The letters asked him for reasons to go on living. In response Durant asked a number of luminaries for their views on the meaning of life, publishing those responses in his 1932 book, On the Meaning of Life. Continue reading Finding Meaning of Life in Prison (Convict 79206)