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Summary of Seneca’s “Peace of Mind”

What follows is a very brief summary of Seneca’s letter titled “Piece of Mind.” The letter’s purpose was to provide guidance on how to achieve serenity—the ideal state of the Stoic sage. The letter’s recipient was his good friend Serenus, who had asked how he might better control his vices in order to experience greater tranquility. Continue reading Summary of Seneca’s “Peace of Mind”

The Stoics on Happiness

Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoicism.

[Previously, I promised to write about the Stoic view on living a good life. This is that post.]

I’ll begin by describing some Stoic exercises to give you a flavor of Stoicism, then I’ll provide a few bullet points of Stoicism, some summary remarks, a brief video, and links to my previous posts on Stoicism. Continue reading The Stoics on Happiness

Can Stoicism Help Us Live Well? Forthcoming

Bust of Seneca

I have written about Stoicism previously but lately, I’ve been researching it extensively. The goal of my research is to distill the essence of Stoic wisdom as it pertains to helping people live well—primarily by achieving inner peace and equanimity. Then I’ll share these insights in easy to understand language. In other words, I will write a short essay that someone can read and say, “I understand Stoic wisdom and I see how it will help me to experience more peace of mind and happiness.” Continue reading Can Stoicism Help Us Live Well? Forthcoming

The Stoics on the Emotions or Passions

Zeno of Citium, bust in the Farnese collection, Naples – Photo by Paolo Monti, 1969.

A common criticism of Stoicism is that is doesn’t leave proper room for the emotions or passions (EorP), and thus that it advocate a passionless, unemotional and apathetic life. Let’s investigate this claim. Continue reading The Stoics on the Emotions or Passions