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It’s Groundhog Day


Groundhog Day has long been one of my very favorite movies. On one level it is a very funny movie; on another, it is a particular take on Nietzsche’s doctrine of eternal recurrence. It is definitely a film that rewards rewatching. In fact, the legendary film critic Roger Ebert reviewed it twice and included it in his list of great movies. Continue reading It’s Groundhog Day

Why Do People Believe Crazy Things?

superb essay about the proliferation of online conspiracy theories was published at 3 Quarks Daily on .

As an undergraduate History major, I reluctantly dug up a halfway natural science class to fulfill my college’s general education requirement. It was called Psychology as a Natural Science. However, the massive textbook assigned to us turned out to be chock full of interesting tidbits ranging from optical illusions to odd tales. Continue reading Why Do People Believe Crazy Things?

Can Science Make Us Immortal?

Human chromosomes (grey) capped by telomeres (white)

If death is inevitable, then all we can do is die and hope for the best. But perhaps we don’t have to die. Many respectable scientists now believe that humans can overcome death and achieve immortality through the use of future technologies. But how will we do this? Continue reading Can Science Make Us Immortal?

Dan Fogelberg – River of Souls

Peoria Riverfront Park Dan Fogelberg Memorial Site

“To every man the mystery
Sings a different song
He fills his page of history
Dreams his dreams and is gone.”

Below is a music video of the most thoughtful song I’ve ever heard about death, one that appeals to me in my occasional mystical moments. The words, music, and vocals are by the American musician Dan Fogelberg (1951 – 2007), who is best known for his hit songs

Continue reading Dan Fogelberg – River of Souls