Understanding Politics in America After the 2020 Election

The above 5-minute video clearly explains the essence of what’s happening in American politics today. Biden won, but almost certainly won’t be able to govern with a McConnell opposition Senate. In addition, a large majority of Americans support the Democrats’ policies and Democrats get a majority of the vote, but because of the makeup of the political system Republicans stay in power. As a result, Republicans have turned against democracy itself. Continue reading Understanding Politics in America After the 2020 Election

What about Hope?

by Lawrence Rifkin MD

The middle-aged woman in a dark red sweater looked withdrawn and forlorn. I had been answering questions from the audience after presenting a talk called “Humanism As a Source of Inspiration and Meaning.” She raised her forearm just slightly to indicate she had a question. Her question—and my inability to satisfy her with an answer—haunted me for weeks. Continue reading What about Hope?

The Time of Our Lives: Human Awareness in the Context of Cosmic Time

A model of the expanding universe opening up from the viewer's left, facing the viewer in a 3/4 pose.

by Lawrence Rifkin MD

I am about to turn 50 years old, a mark of time that perhaps triggered the impetus to try to understand human life in the context of the largest possible backdrop — cosmic time. Continue reading The Time of Our Lives: Human Awareness in the Context of Cosmic Time

Essays About the Election

I wish there was a way to convey to readers the difference between informed and uninformed opinions; between legitimate news organizations (The New York Times) who tries to describe a world that corresponds to reality and those (Fox News) whose goal is propaganda; between those who understand and have studied epistemology (the study of the nature and limits of knowledge) and logic and critical thinking and those who never had the opportunity to benefit from such studies; Continue reading Essays About the Election

Does Truth Matter?

Truth, holding a mirror and a serpent (1896). Olin Levi Warner, Library of Congress

The sleep of reason produces monsters. ~ Francisco Goya

In a previous post, I discussed Princeton emeritus professor Harry Frankfurt’s distinction between lies and bullshit. I suggested that the difference between truth and falsity is even more important. Continue reading Does Truth Matter?