Does Time Speeds Up As You Age?

The above video suggests that time speeds up as you age.

On first reflection, this seems true. I’ve just turned 60, and time seems to pass faster now than when I was younger. As a child a day in school seemed to take forever, but so too did summer vacation. Today a school year seems to fly by for this professor. When I was a kid I thought something twenty years ago was prehistoric, now twenty years ago was 1995. And 1995 seems downright futuristic compared to the 1960s I remember.

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2 thoughts on “Does Time Speeds Up As You Age?

  1. What would this imply for the perceived passage of time for immortal post-humans? I suppose it could go both ways: if we can constantly learn then immortality would pass slowly (upon reflection) or we could become habituated and the millennia would fly by…

  2. Really interesting idea. If we are continually evolving—intellectually, morally, psychologically—we would live well in the present and time would seem full retrospectively. That is time would have seemed to have passed slowly in retrospect, but slow in a good way. Our descendents would recall fondly all that time that was well spent. If we ceased to evolve, then time would have been spent poorly and in retrospect millennia would seemed to have passed in an instant. This might lead to the boredom situation so many worry about.

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