1/2 A Million Views!

I started this blog less than two years ago and I started tracking page views about a year and a half ago. Today I just went over 500,000 page views. I also will publish my 500th post in the next few days.

I would like to thank my readers, many of whom have made insightful comments, and a few of whom I’ve come to know through email. Despite what they might say about writing for themselves, every writer also wants to be read. So again thanks to all who have viewed these pages.

Finally I have many plans to improve the website. I want to soon start video blogging, in large part so that when I’m gone my granddaughter can still hear my voice. I also want to explore the idea of hope and how it is, I think, the key that helps us to brave the struggle of life without appealing to dubious metaphysical propositions.

So if you like the site, you can be assured there is more coming. Thanks,


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